Seminar on Finance: Financial Product Design

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Olaf Korn

Cycle: See course schedule

ECTS-Information: 6 Credits

Expected prior knowledge: Derivatives

Language: German

Assessment methods: Paper (50 %), Participation (includes Presentation, Discussion) (50%)

Course structure: Term Paper

Course code: M.WIWI-BWL.0006

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Olaf Korn

Learning goals:

Students will develop a financial product and are responsible for every step in the process, i.e., conception, analysis, and market introduction. Knowledge about valuation of derivative products and risk management will be of particular focus. In addition to theoretical aspects, the analysis of empirical data and the development of computer-based pricing tools are part of the course.


If you want to participate in the seminar, just send an e-mail to The deadline for registration is 31 January.

Please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Student id number
  • Degree program
  • Semester
  • Have you attended the course „Derivatives“? (Yes/no, if yes, in which semester)
  • Have you completed further courses in finance? (Yes/no, if yes, which courses)