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Information about the 3-level, colour-coded system

From June 14: COVID-19 3-level system: level 1 Stable, low infection rate

Please ensure you follow the general health and hygiene rules (AHA-L – distancing, hygiene, facemasks and ventilation of rooms). The following apply: the appropriate and current regulations, general conditions of work, and rules issued by the University; in addition to the respective responsibilities and instructions of the faculties and institutions and the Krisenstab (crisis management team).

  • Face masks: everyone (including visitors) must wear a medical face mask in all University buildings until they reach their workplace, seat, etc whatever route they choose to reach their destination, whether via stairs, lifts, toilets, photocopy rooms, etc. A medical face mask must also be worn in lecture halls, seminar rooms and meeting rooms even when taking a seat. A medical face mask should be worn on campus outdoors and wherever the minimum distance cannot be maintained.
  • Research: allowed in person.
  • Laboratory operation (research): allowed in person.
  • Business trips: possible within Germany, foreign travel possible subject to approval via Central Travel Cost Center; please consider regional regulations and infection rates.
  • Central administration: allowed in person
  • Working from home: in consultation with managers, working from home can be a further measure to help control infection.
  • Teaching: possible in person to a limited extent
  • Excursions: possible in person to a limited extent
  • Laboratory practicals (and similar): possible in person to a limited extent.
  • Other practical courses: possible in person to a limited extent.
  • Examinations: possible in person to a limited extent.
  • Library: open.
  • University Sports: sports permitted in person and online, please follow Lower Saxony’s coronavirus regulations
  • Events/conferences/workshops: permitted in accordance with regional regulations and the appropriate health and hygiene plans.
  • ThOP and musicians: in accordance with Lower Saxony’s regulations; please take local infection rates into account
3-level, colour-coded system (Stufenplan) as PDF | All regulations during the pandemic
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About the 3-level, colour-coded system

This 3-level, colour-coded system serves to simplify communication about the infection situation. It provides an overview of the arrangements made by the Krisenstab (crisis management team) and the Presidential Board.

In their assessment of the relevant risk, the leadership of the crisis management team, takes various factors into account, such as: the local and regional incidence values; the development of the number and rate of infections at the University; developments at state and national level; as well as the assessments from the City and the Göttingen Gesundheitsamt (public health department).

The Presidential Board has delegated the task of determining the appropriate level to the crisis management team. It requires a careful analysis of the above-mentioned factors. The crisis management team will, as far as the occurrence of infection permits, announce any potential change of a level in advance and communicate the reasons for its decision.

The 3-level system will be reviewed every 14 days and on a weekly basis should the need arise.

The University of Göttingen’s continuing aim is to run the semester to best serve the interests of students, teaching and research, while at the same time protecting both students and staff from infection. This will be done in a potentially changing environment of onsite and online services.

The 3-level system was approved by the Presidential Board on 25 November 2020.

About the 3-levels

  • Level1 (yellow): stable, low infection rate
  • Level2 (orange): increased infection rate
  • Level3 (red): high infection rate

3-level, colour-coded system (Stufenplan) as PDF