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Career Start for International Students and Graduates

Start Guides work at the interface between the graduation phase and the start of a career: they provide advice and support to both prospective graduates and companies.

They support companies willing to give greater consideration to international immigrants in personnel recruitment, contribute to the successful and sustainable integration of international employees in the company and also provide information on accompanying counselling and support formats. In the case of existing vacancies, Start Guides support the identification of suitable candidates and prepare them specifically for entry into the company.

For international students and prospective graduates, Start Guides offer assistance in developing and realising individual career perspectives in Germany. They develop individual competence and qualification profiles, identify further qualification options, support their implementation, arrange the appropriate entry into the desired industry (internship, trainee programme, adaptation qualification or employment) and provide assistance during the application and career entry phase.

The wishes and needs of companies and international students and graduates come together on the basis of an individual integration plan, the implementation of which sustainably improves intercultural competence and sensitivity on both sides. Start Guides accompany its implementation personally and individually throughout the entire career entry phase.

Start Guides work closely with business development institutions and institutions for the integration of migrants, with educational and qualification institutions, with employment agencies, job centres, Foreigners’ Registration Offices and companies in the region of Southern Lower Saxony.

Hiring a worker is a matter of trust. When it comes to international forces, many also need courage. Not only the shortage of skilled workers, but also the internationalisation of markets and a growing awareness of the potential of a more diverse workforce are nevertheless increasing even small and medium-sized companies’ interest in internationals.

International students in particular represent an outstanding pool of skilled workers that Lower Saxony would like to keep in the state. They have already been living in Göttingen for years and are well acquainted with the German living environment, usually speak German, English and the languages of their countries of origin very well, and also have a high-quality German education to show for it. An internship during their studies is an ideal opportunity to raise awareness of career options in the region, build trust and retain potential employees at an early stage. A trainee programme can help to smoothen the transition into the regional workforce. The recognition of vocational training from abroad may require an adaptation qualification that presupposes a place in a company. Different formats and entry routes enable companies and skilled workers to get to know each other before employment becomes an option.

Our services for companies:

  • We identify your needs and assess the profiles of vacant positions.
  • We introduce you to suitable applicants.
  • We clarify legal issues regarding qualification and employment of immigrants.
  • We inform you about formats such as internships, adaptation training and trainee programmes.
  • We provide support during the integration phase and accompany immigrants beyond the hiring phase.
  • We arrange language courses and language tandems.
  • We advise on the promotion of intercultural competence in the company and on inhouse language courses.
  • We promote sponsorship and mentoring programmes for new employees.

In the industrialised country of Germany, rural areas also offer outstanding opportunities for starting a career. Companies in the state of Lower Saxony, in the region and in the city of Göttingen value your international background as much as your professional expertise. Start Guides support you in getting to know companies in the region around your university, in developing entry perspectives and in successfully mastering the first months in your new profession.

Prospects arise when you are well qualified - professionally and interdisciplinarily. Start Guides support you in assessing the fit of your qualification profile for the German labour market and in developing it in line with your needs.

Internships during your studies will familiarise you with the daily work in your desired industry; trainee programmes can enable a smooth transition from study to work. The company also wants to get to know you; mutual familiarity, contacts and relationships can open up new opportunities for you. Start Guides support you with initial contacts with the companies and establish entry options and networking opportunities.

Especially in the career entry phase, your international background can bring challenges for both sides. We support you in overcoming these and in using your background as a resource in your everyday work.

Our services for international students and graduates:

  • We review your CV and certificates.
  • We orient you to possible career fields.
  • We support you in identifying your desired industry and suitable job descriptions.
  • Together we explore where support and post-qualification measures can increase your chances on the labour market.
  • We plan a personal integration path with you and accompany you along the way.
  • We arrange suitable counselling and qualification offers.
  • We help you to realise a work placement during your studies.
  • We help you to build up private and professional networks.
  • We orient you to career fairs and information events on the job market.
  • We teach you intercultural skills specific to your field of work.
  • We bring you together with companies in Southern Lower Saxony.


  • Residence permit for qualification or gainful employment
  • German language skills at least on level B1

Start Guides works closely with the Career Service of the University of Göttingen. The specific offers for international students and graduates can be found at Working in Germany.

Would you like support in entering the labour market? Then we look forward to hearing from you by e-mail, telephone or, if you prefer, via this enquiry form.


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