Office of Representative for Equal Opportunities

The goal of gender equality is to ensure equal opportunities and to improve the compatibility of family and work or study.
The equal opportunity team of the faculty of physics consists of institute equal opportunity officers and a spokeswoman who work together to improve the current situation.

The main tasks of the gender equality office are:

  • Advising on personnel decisions, especially in appellate and staffing processes to ensure equal opportunities and a quality assurance
  • Information and advice on the compatibility of family and work or study
  • Support and implementation of measures and projects to promote gender equality plans
  • Advising and mediation in conflict situations
  • Cooperation with other equal opportunity officers and related initiatives

You can call us, send an email or simply speak to us if

  • you would like information on assistance measures for women
  • you would like information about measures for further education
  • you have questions about part-time work, maternity or parental leave
  • you feel discriminated at work or during your study
  • someone of your colleagues molests you
  • you want to get to know us or our work or have further questions or suggestions


FlintaBrunch_e_h300FLINTA Brunch by the Student Council

Networking brunch between female physicists in their studies, in their job and at the university organized by the student council. The meeting should give especially young female physicists the opportunity to find contacts and especially female role models in physics. We also want to include FLINTA* people (women, lesbian, intergender, non-binary, trans and agender) to give them a networking opportunity as well.

The date for the next meeting is Saturday, June 3rd, starting at 10:30 am in the Café of the Physics building or outside if the weather allows for it.

In order to build a large and diverse network of women physicists, we would of course like to see women from industry in addition to PhD students and professors.

We would be pleased to receive your feedback, comments and suggestions. Specifically, we would love feedback on how many people are planning on joining in order to be able to provide enough food for everyone. We are going to provide the basics, but everyone can feel free to bring additional things for the buffet if they would like to.

Many thanks in advance and best regards!

Elena Offenberg for the FSR

International Women's Day 8.3.2023:
(local program in German only:)
Veranstaltungsprogramm vom Frauenforum Göttingen: Faltblatt 2023 oder auf der Webseite
Veranstaltungen zum Internationalen Frauentag der Gleichstellungsbeauftragten im Landkreis Göttingen: flyer
Euqal Opportunity Questionnaire

Short equal opportunity questionnaire (anonymous)

Below you find three short questions. We highly appreciate your feedback via this anonymous questionnaire. Of course, for more detailed exchange of ideas or suggestions, you are always welcome to contact us directly. Please go to our team page for contact details.

Have you ever used one or more equal opportunity measures at our faculty or university?
Have you ever supported a colleague or a friend in terms of equal opportunity?
Which equal opportunity topics do you consider most important at our faculty?

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