Doctoral Studies in Physics

The Faculty of Physics is a member of the Georg-August-University School of Science (GAUSS) in which all doctoral studies in the natural sciences are organized. Within GAUSS, there are many ways of obtaining a doctorate in physics:

  • Doctoral Studies in Physics is the normal path and offers a wide range of physical sub-fields - astrophysics, biophysics, geophysics, material physics, non-linear dynamics, particle physics, semi-conductor physics, theoretical physics, and x-ray physics;
  • PTCN, Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience;
  • GGNB, the Graduate School of Neurosciences and Molecular Biosciences;
  • IMPRS, the International Max-Planck-Research School for Solar System Science;
  • Graduate Training Programmes ("Graduiertenkollegs", GrK), which are federally financed research programmes for specialized themes, currently The Host Stars of Extrasolar Planets (GrK 1351) together with the University of Hamburg.

Please note that the admission to the doctoral programme is independent of how you finance your studies.
There are many possibilities for the latter, including a position within an institute, scholarships, or some other external means.