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Geosciences (B.Sc.)


Research-oriented and interdisciplinary: The Bachelor's degree programme in Geosciences connects fundamental knowledge of the natural sciences and analytical knowledge with geoscientific issues in the field. As a rule, students continue with a further degree programme after completing the Bachelor's degree. The Bachelor's degree qualifies the student for one of the Master's degree programmes in Geosciences at Göttingen.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Standard period of study:
6 semesters
Winter and summer semester
Language of the programme:
open (enrolment without previous application)
A pre-course is offered
Orientation events:
at the begin of your studies orientation events are offered

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Earth is our habitat and our livelihood. To safeguard this basis of our life, we need comprehensive knowledge of the "System Earth" and of the dynamics of its habitats. Our Geoscience programmes are addressed to those who want to better understand the processes in the Earth's interior and on its surface, taking the natural sciences as a basis.

The Bachelor's programme in Geoscience leads to the "Bachelor of Science - Specialisation: Geoscience" (which is a professional qualification) after six semesters. Students will acquire the basic specialist knowledge and methodology as well as an understanding of interdisciplinary interrelations, always in step with actual practice. Thus, this programme opens the door to various professions in several sectors of economy and administration (resources, conservation, consulting, engineering, building materials, insurances, authorities).

Consecutive/graduate programmes

Consecutive/graduate programmes


The programme structure complies with international standards: All courses constitute self-contained modules for which completion credits (C) are awarded upon completion. The programme encompasses 180 C to be earned in the areas Scientific Knowledge (specialised studies), Professionalisation (ca. 34 C), and Bachelor's thesis (12 C). During the first year, the geoscientific and natural-scientific basics are taught, to prepare for in-depth studies of individual branches of the geosciences in the second year. During the third year, elective modules and the Bachelor's thesis can be used to set individual priorities for pursuing a career in the following areas:

  • Geoscientists in administration and consulting sectors (engineering firms, conservation, public jobs, etc.)
  • Geoscientists in industry (resource exploration and extraction, building material industry, etc.)
  • Continuing with a Master's programme

Regulations and module directory


Winter and summer semester
1st subject semester:
open admission (enrolment without previous application)
2nd to 6th subject semester:
open admission (enrolment without previous application)

Non-German citizens without a German educational qualification

Citizen from a non-EU country (or stateless person)


Academic Advising

Student advisory service and course coordinator
Simone Burgheim
Faculty of Geosciences and Geography
Goldschmidtstr. 3
37077 Göttingen
Room: 03, first floor

Phone: +49-551 39 10866
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Office hours:
Wednesday 10-12 and by arrangement