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Inauguration of the President of the University: Professor Metin Tolan

The new President of the University of Göttingen, Professor Metin Tolan, started in post on Thursday 1 April 2021. At the same time, two new Vice-Presidents, Professor Bernhard Brümmer and Professor Anke Holler, also began their two-year terms of office.

Due to the pandemic, the inaugural event on 1 April - without guests - was broadcast live from the Aula (Great Hall) at Wilhelmsplatz. The video is still available on Youtube (in German).


Jupiter – from ‘The Planets’, by Gustav Holst


Dr. Valérie Schüller
Vice-President for Finance and Human Resources


Stephan Weil
Minister President of Lower Saxony

Professor Dr. Peter Strohschneider
Chairman of the Foundation Council of the University of Göttingen

Professor Dr. Stefan Hell
Director of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry

Björn Thümler
Lower Saxony Minister for Science and Culture


Star Trek Medley

Inaugural address

Professor Dr. Metin Tolan
President of the University of Göttingen
Ben Bühring
Gregor Kilian (Flügel) und Wojtek Bolimowski (Geige)