Prof. Dr. Dr. Kurt Christian Kersebaum

Research interests:

I am an agronomist and geo-ecologist with a special focus on agro-ecosystem modelling. I´m interested in the interactions of processes in the atmosphere-crop-soil system to simulate impacts of management and ecological boundary conditions on crop production and the environment. I work since 29 years in research projects in Europe, Asia and Africa. My expertise combines soil science, crop science, agro-meteorology, water protection and climate change impact analysis. My aim is to address different aspects of agricultural production and to bridge conflicts in agricultural land use.

Research foci and activities:

  • Modelling of water and matter dynamics and crop growth in the soil-plant-atmosphere system on different scales (sub field, field, catchments, region).
  • Model based evaluation of land use and management strategies to protect water resources from nutrient pollution.
  • Model based assessment of Climate Change impact on crop growth and soil processes and development of adaptation strategies to reduce vulnerability for food security.
  • Linking field research and modelling.

Teaching (still open):

  • Fundamentals of process-oriented modelling (Lecture and exercises)
  • Modelling process interactions in agroecosystems (Lecture and exercises)

Key publications:

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