Virtuelles Colloquium<br/>„Soziale Solidarische Ökonomien<br/>und Genossenschaften in Europa“

Virtuelles Colloquium
„Soziale Solidarische Ökonomien
und Genossenschaften in Europa“

Social Solidarity Economies and Cooperatives in Europe.
East-West and West-East Dialogue

(Digitales) Colloqium on 7–9 May 2021

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We live
in one continent and tie in with what unites us: Solidarity and closeness to nature, prerequisites for common democratic development.

We unite
experiences of solidarity-based economic activity at local, regional, national, European and international level: all are characterised by self-management, common ownership, internal and external cooperation, ecological action and orientation towards the common good.

We follow
the urgent questions that arise and therefore invite solidarity-based service and housing projects from Hungary and Germany as well as projects that culturally and politically strive for a solidary dialogue with each other.
dialogue with each other in solidarity. We will exchange experiences about regional ecological supply of knowledge, food and energy.

From the meeting of the diverse projects we expect the exchange of information on financing concepts, cooperation in building chains and networks, as well as inspiration and promotion of start-up initiatives. The development of Solidarity Economy education work in Slovenia and Hungary will provide us with further innovation and dialogue opportunities.