Chair of Economic Policy and SME Research


21.03.18: BA-Seminar "Varieties of Europe" in the summer semester 2018

In the summer semester 2018 our chair will offer the BA-seminar "Varieties of Europe". To apply for the seminars, interested students should send an E-Mail to elaine.horstmann[at] as of now. Places will be awarded by the "first come, first served" principle.

Further information

12.03.2018: Student Assistant Needed as of now (Application deadline: 25th March2018)

Our chair is awarding a student assistantship. The position comprises 20–30 hours per month. All further information can be found in the announcement. We look forward to your application!


05.03.2018: Application to the lecture "Institutionenökonomik II: Experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung" in the summer semester 18

As part of the lecture takes place in the experimental lab, the number of participants is limited to 24. If there are more than 24 applications, places will be awarded according to the exam regulations. To apply, please write an email to elaine.horstmann[at], till 02.04.2018.

In your application, please include all the information listed here.

08.02.2018: Two Student Assistants Needed (Application Deadline: February 25th, 2018)

Our chair is awarding two student assistantships. Both positions comprise 20 hours per month, and the activities include supporting the chair's current research activities in the areas of economic policy, institutional economy and behavioral economy.

All further information can be taken from the announcement. We look forward to your application!


25.08.17: Prof. Bizer on the effects of competition between beer brewers in the article "My Beer, Your Beer" published by the journal "brandeins"

Read the whole article and what Prof. Bizer says about the effects of competition on product innovation and the balancing act between satisfying traditionalist customers and the need to win over new customers, here.

15.06.17: Book "Sustaining Interdisciplinary Collaboration" published

Both society and the academic community face new problems and challenges like the controversy surrounding data protection or online music sharing. These and other problems are best addressed by more than one scientific discipline. Interdisciplinary research is often viewed as fruitful for all participants, regardless of the different scientific perspectives involved and the obstacles which these differences can pose to an interdisciplinary research collaboration. The book "Sustaining Interdisciplinary Collaboration" by Regina Bendix, Killian Bizer and Dorothy Noyes is the result of a long-lasting, interdisciplinary research collaboration. It describes the process of and efforts to unifying different academic disciplines, the problem this process involves and recommendations for successful interdisciplinary work in the context of modern academic research.

Find more information about the book on the publisher's website.