Marion Bonnet

I joined the Göttingen Sign Language Team in September 2021 as a PhD student after completing my bachelor’s and master’s degree in theoretical and experimental linguistics at the Université de Paris, France. I developed a strong interest in sign languages by collaborating to the EU project 'The SignHub' as a trainee student under the supervision of Caterina Donati, and was more formally introduced to sign language linguistics by Carlo Geraci. I then focused on the visual modality of language understood in a broader sense, and worked as a trainee student on 'iconic syntax' by comparing classifier predicates in sign languages and gesture sequences in spoken languages under the supervision of Philippe Schlenker and Carlo Geraci.

As a member of the IDEAlISM project, I aim to investigate the semantic-pragmatic interface in a cross-modal perspective by conducting several experiments on spoken languages, sign languages and gestures.