Prof. Dr. Liesbeth Colen

Professional positions:

  • Since 2020: Professor of Nutrition and Agriculture, University of Göttingen

  • 2013-2020: Researcher at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Economics of Agriculture Unit (Sevilla, Spain)

  • 2007-2013: Doctoral researcher at LICOS, KU Leuven (Leuven, Belgium)


  • 2013: Phd in Economics, Essays on Globalization and Economic Development, KU Leuven, Belgium

  • 2007: Master of Bio-engineering Sciences – Agriculture and Resource Economics, KU Leuven, Belgium

Selected publications:

  • Lefebvre, M ., Barreiro-Hurlé J., Blanchflower, C., Colen, L., Kuhfuss, L., Rommel, J., Sumrada, T., Thomas, F., Thoyer, S. (2021). Can Economic Experiments Contribute to a More Effective CAP? EuroChoices.

  • Adewopo, J. B., Solano-Hermosilla, G., Colen, L., & Micale, F. (2021). Using crowd-sourced data for real-time monitoring of food prices during the COVID-19 pandemic: Insights from a pilot project in northern Nigeria. Global Food Security, 29, 100523.

  • Mary, S., Shaw, K., Colen, L., & y Paloma, S. G. (2020). Does agricultural aid reduce child stunting?. World Development, 130, 104951.

  • Cockx, L, Colen, L, de Weerdt, J (2018) From Corn to Popcorn? Urbanization and food consumption in Sub-Sahara Africa: evidence from rural-urban migrants in Tanzania, World Development 110: 140-159.

  • Colen, L, Melo P, Abdul-Salam Y, Roberts D, Mary S, Gomez Y Paloma S (2018) Income elasticities for food, calories and nutrients across Africa: A meta-analysis, Food Policy 77, 116-132.

  • Colen, L, Gomez-Y-Paloma, S, Latacz-Lohman, U, Lefebvre, M, Préget, R, Thoyer, S (2016). Adding experimental approaches to the toolbox for agricultural policy evaluation: Insights from the European CAP, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 64 (4): 667-694.

  • Colen, L, Persyn, D, Guariso, A (2016). Bilateral Investment Treaties and FDI: Does the Sector Matter? World Development 83: 193-206.

  • Colen, L, Maertens, M, Swinnen, J (2012). Private standards, trade and poverty: GlobalGAP and horticultural employment in Senegal. The World Economy 35 (8): 1073-1088.

  • Maertens, M, Colen, L, Swinnen, J (2011). Globalization and poverty in Senegal: A Worst Case Scenario? European Review of Agricultural Economics 38 (1): 31-54.

  • Di Marcantonio, F., Havari, E., Colen, L., & Ciaian, P. (2022). Do producer organizations improve trading practices and negotiation power for dairy farms? Evidence from selected EU countries. Agricultural Economics.

For a full list of publications, follow this link.