Pre-Course Mathematics

16 – 20 October 2023
9 AM – 12:30 PM
on-site: room 1.141, ZHG
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schmitzer
We will not focus on proofs and derivations but on good intuition and practical working knowledge.
Tentative list of topics:
  • analysis and calculus (limits, derivatives, integrals, differential equations)
  • linear algebra (eigendecomposition, inverses, linear systems, polytopes)
  • probabilities and statistics (distributions, covariance and correlation, Bayes' rule, hypothesis testing)
  • optimization (optimality conditions, Lagrange multipliers, convexity, gradient descent, Newton method)

See here for a more detailed list.

Registration via StudIP from 20 September 2023 onwards.


In case you do not have any prior knowledge in Python or feel that your Python skills need a little refresh, the online self-study material of Prof. Bela Gipp’s group might be interesting for you. After you have registered here, you can access the course. Please note that a University of Göttingen account is required for registration.
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