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Special award for commitment to teaching

The Special Award of the Student Body for Special Commitment to Teaching is intended to recognize members of the university who have made a special commitment to teaching and who may not be the focus of the traditional teaching award. It is explicitly not just a prize for a good teaching concept, but a special prize for creating good general conditions that enable students to have a good and learning-friendly environment. The special prize is awarded for special services to teaching, its general conditions and the interests of the student body at the university, as well as for special commitment to students.

  • The AStA may choose a theme for the teaching award. The special merit for this topic is then honored.

The special prize is supported by the Sparkasse Göttingen and is endowed with 1000€..

Who can be awarded?

All members of the university (students, advisors, staff and lecturers) can be nominated. The special prize is to be understood as a future-oriented prize. Therefore, the following applies to the nomination of lecturers: The special prize is intended to support and motivate lecturers to offer prudent and sustainable teaching even before their possible habilitation. Therefore, only lecturers who are not yet habilitated will be awarded, in order to support young (meaning new in the teaching profession, not young in age) and committed people in particular.