Dr. Artur Bogner

Dr Artur Bogner has previously been research associate at the University of Bayreuth, Department of Development Sociology. He holds a doctor degree (social sciences) and a Diplom (sociology) from the University of Bielefeld. Earlier he was research associate and lecturer at the universities of Bielefeld and Essen, and research coordinator and researcher at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Publications on sociological theory, conflict analysis and post-conflict peacebuilding in Africa, world food and Portugal's colonial war in Africa. At Bayreuth he participated in a project on former child soldiers in Acholiland and in another on post-war development in West Nile (both in northern Uganda). More recent publications were on post-conflict processes, armed conflicts, violence and conflict reduction in Africa, especially Ghana and Uganda; as joint editor and co-author with Gabriele Rosenthal: Child Soldiers in Context: Biographies, Familial and Collective Trajectories in Northern Uganda, 2020; Biographies in the Global South: Life Stories Embedded in Figurations and Discourses, 2017; Ethnicity, Belonging and Biography, 2009. He is author of Zivilisation und Rationalisierung [Civilisation and rationalization], 1989, and 'Gewaltkonflikte und der Wandel sozialer Fremdheit in Nordghana' [Armed conflicts and changes of otherness in northern Ghana], in: Herfried Münkler (ed.), Die Herausforderung durch das Fremde, 1998; joint editor with Bernd Holtwick and Hartmann Tyrell of: Weltmission und religiöse Organisationen [World mission and religious organizations], 2004, and with Stephen Mennell of: Civilisations, Civilising Processes and Modernity — A Debate (2022).