Feasibility study: „Balancierung von Wissenschaft und Pflege”

(Balancing of Science and Care)

In line with the Programme for Women Professors III, the University continuously proceeds to expand the politics of compatibility of work and caring responsibilities. This is accomplished by focusing on the “Arbeitsfeld Pflege” (‘field of work: Care’). A sustainable improvement of the conditions of studies, research and work for members of the university who have nursing responsibilities or are supporting or organizing (from the distance) the care of their relatives is the aim of the study.
In line with the feasibility study “Balancierung von Wissenschaft und Pflege” (short BAWIP) a complete quantitative evaluation of the academic staff of our university has been conducted in summer of 2022. In the evaluation 967 scholars participated. It was very pleasing to detect a high return rate in the status group of professors. We would like to thank all participants who took part at the survey.
A second part of the feasibility study focused on the organizational structure of the university. For this purpose, qualitative interviews with regulating agents of the university were conducted.
Currently, the answers of the survey are being interpreted to identify the challenges with whom scholars who are caring for their relatives are confronted. With this, need for action can be detected and practical services for a better compatibility of science and caring responsibilities can be developed as of summer semester 2023. The results of the feasibility study and its following actions are meant to be presented and discussed in the committees of the University of Göttingen.
The feasibility study was outsourced and is organized by Prof. Dr. Inken Lind of the TH Köln. More information can be found at our Projektseite.