ENLIGHT Virtual Exchanges

ENLIGHT: European university Network to promote equitable quality of Life, sustaInability and Global engagement through Higher education Transformation.

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During Summer Term 2023, we offer our project "Illuminating the role of AI in today's (written) world: Challenged Based learning in intercultural, interdisciplinary teams" together with partners from all over Europe. Students and lecturers of all the universities involved do interdisciplinary work in intercultural teams.

Enlight Summer Term 2023 hier.
The International Writing Lab and the Universities of Tartu (Estonia) and Ghent (Belgium) cooperated in the second Enlight-Project "Enlight Challenges go Social Media" in the summer semester 2022. The students and lecturers of all three universities worked in intercultural and interdisciplinary teams and answered the Enlight Challanges. The focus was on the publication of the results on social media. If you are interested in the results and the created social media accounts, you can find them below:

"Mental health"-Group @mentalhealthisl
"Climate change"-Group @enlighten_the_worldd
"Equity"-Group @unigoe_equity
"Energy"-Group @Waste2New
The Virtual Exchange of the winter semester was Understanding the Mysteries of Academic Writing in Globalized Scientific Communities. The students and lecturers of all three universities worked in intercultural and interdisciplinary teams and answered the Enlight Challanges (e.g. Public Health, Sustainable Energy). The results were represented in academic texts. In the ENLIGHT-Projects of the International Writing Lab students can,

  • make an intercultural learning experience and reflect on that,
  • work on global problems with the ENLIGHT challanges and gain new perspectives,
  • learn to work on academic texts
  • develop their writing skills in intercultural contexts

"The reflection of the own writing process in the many discussions we had during the meetings helped to understand and improve one's one writing process.“

"I liked the intercultural exchange in this project. I met new people with whom I could discuss workshop-related and general topics. We used the group meetings not only for the project itself, but also for getting to know each other and our cultural background better."

"I enjoyed being in touch with students from other countries, and discussing differences. This was really a unique opportunity for me which I am genuinely thankful. I liked that there was time to do this and to get to know each other, before and while the groups were divided. The division of the groups happened naturally, because of the discussion of the challenges, which was well done! It was a big plus that students from all different field of studies could participate. Another thing that I liked, was that it was a stressless environment, something I don't usually encounter in academic projects."

"I liked the fact that we cooperated with other EU universities and that we could work in teams. This was great for intercultural competencies."

"I discovered the power of cooperation as well as the power of receiving feedback and advice from our fellow peers."

"All of the topics were relevant, I really enjoyed the experience and the things that I have learned during the workshops!"

"I liked the diversity of the participants, the topics and the positive energy."

"I liked the diversity of the participants, the topics and the positive energy. Learning about the "behind the scenes" of social media (properly) was awesome! Everything was explained properly and I found it particularly helpful that we always had some time to practice the techniques we learned among ourselves and then give each other feedback."

" I liked that it was very collaborative and that it was very practice oriented. It is nice to have an end-result, and to have a really nice Instagram account as a portfolio."

"I liked the cooperation and the brainstorming with my group members, I enjoy the fun with them."

"I learned more about my process in writing and how my mind approaches a topic, it gave me a clear structure that was fit to my own personality and personal way."

"I learned about creating awareness and being careful with the words that we use while writing. I learned how to make more creative texts and how to catch attention more easily."