Opening hours of the Physics Dean of Studies Office

Mon - Thu: 9 - 16 h
Fr: 9 - 13 h
If you do not find us during these hours, you can reach us by phone or email (see below).

Portrait Wenderoth quadrat

Prof. Dr. Martin Wenderoth
Dean of Studies

Dr. Kerstin Werle

Dr. Kerstin Werle
Assistant - General Questions

Mrs. Werle is currently out of office.

Master's applications
Event organisation
Room reservations


Dr. Yvonne Lips
Dean of Studies referent / general student counselling

Out of office: 21. - 24.05.24.

Orientation for prospective students
Study structure/study planning
Questions about study and examination regulations
Challenges in studying
Career entry counselling

Portrait Große-Knetter klein

PD Dr. Jörn Große-Knetter
Inhaltliche Fachstudienberatung B.Sc. Physik

PD Dr. Jörn Große-Knetter
Counselling on the content of the B.Sc. Physics programme

Recognition of achievements
Questions about the profiling area/key competencies

Portrait Vink klein

Dr. Richard Vink
Subject advisor for the M.Sc. in Physics

Application process
Questions about the profiling area/key competences
Recognition of achievements

Portrait Schneider klein

Prof. Dr. Susanne Schneider
Subject-related student advisory service for teachers with physics as a subject

Recognition of achievements
Optional area

Portrait Tilgner klein

Prof. Dr. Andreas Tilgner
Erasmus Programme Officer

Portrait Busch klein

Sandra Busch
Examination Office