Modul M.SIA.E21.Mp: Rural Sociology

As an introduction to environmental and rural sociology, this course is designed to give
an overview of the sociological concepts on "nature-society relations", "social structural
developments and social problems in rural areas", "social networks and social capital
in communities", "social dilemmas and sustainability", "social movements and the
environment", and "environmental justice".
Lectures outline each of these issues and position them within the context of sociology.
We will use seminars to debate key questions raised during lectures and to discuss
selected issues based on academic publications.

Learning outcome, core skills:
One of the primary objectives of this course is to introduce students to the principles of
sociology in general and key concepts of environmental and rural sociology in particular.
In addition, we want to provide the analytical tools for understanding the processes
inherent to these concepts. Beyond that, the course aims at enhancing students" ability
to identify different research perspectives and to critically discuss and analyze research
strategies and methods.