Predicting Garnet Major-Element Chemistry based on its Raman Spectrum

Raman spectroscopy is a quick, contact-free, and non-destructive technique for mineral identification. In the first place, Raman spectroscopy provides a structural information, but single structural vibrations also depend on the elements involved. Garnet is a solid solution series with variable concentrations of Fe, Mg, Ca, Mn Ti, Cr, and Al. In this project, the student will determine the chemical composition of a large number of garnet grains of variable composition by electron microprobe analysis and subsequently acquire the Raman spectra from the same grains. The aim is to identify correlations between garnet chemistry and the Raman spectrum (band position, with, area, shape) in order to develop a tool that is able to predict the chemical composition of garnet based on the Raman spectrum.

• Tasks: Sample Preparation (picking garnet grains under the microscope), Data Acquisition (Electron microprobe & Raman), Working with Raman spectra (fitting), Statistical Analysis (no previous knowledge required)
• Methods: Electron microprobe analysis and Raman Spectroscopy
• Field work: Not required
• Project Start: Anytime
• Project Type: Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, or Geology Project