Soft matter and biophysics

Using computer simulation and numerical self-consistent field theory we study the statistical physics of soft matter with special focus on polymer physics, interfacial and wetting phenomena, and biologically motivated problems.

- polymer solutions and melts
- collective phenomena in membranes and self-assembly
- kinetics of phase transitions
- wetting and phase diagrams in confined geometry
- computer simulation methodology (calculating free energies in Monte Carlo simulations and efficient equilibration methods)
- numerical self-consistent field theory

Our group is regularly looking for new members. We offer bachelor and master as well as PhD theses. Please contact the group leader Prof. Marcus Müller for further information.

Job offers

Defect Motion and Annihilation in Lamella-Forming Block Copolymers Dr. Shibananda Das & Prof. Müller
Adaptive Mesh in Polymer Field Theory Dr. Russel Spencer & Prof. Müller
Molecular Insight into the Line Tension of Bilayer Membranes Dr. Alireza Soleimani & Prof. Müller
Machine learning for approching the polymer continum model Raza Kawsar & Prof. Müller
Neighbor Lists in Particle-Based Simulations Gregor Häfner & Prof. Müller