The Social Situation of Deaf People

Book presentation

On November 3, 2022 at 6 pm, Anna Folchi and Sara Trovato will present their new book "The Social Situation of Deaf People – The Story of a Woman and a Hearing Society." The book is about the social condition of Deaf people, told through a Deaf woman’s autobiography and a series of scientific essays investigating how hearing societies relate to Deaf people. On the one hand, (hearing) majorities exert power over (deaf) minorities by influencing the environment and institutions that simplify or hinder the lives of Deaf people: language, mindsets, representations, norms, the use of professional power. On the other hand, the case studies in this volume reconstruct untold moments of great advancement in Deaf history and the reasons why Deaf empowerment for and by Deaf people does and sometimes does not succeed. The presentation with the title "Deaf Men, Hearing Men, Deaf Women, Hearing Women" will focus on the education and professional situation of deaf people in Europe.

Who: Anna Folchi and Sara Trovato
What: Presentation “Deaf Men, Hearing Men, Deaf Women, Hearing Women“
When: November 3, 2022, 6-8 pm
Where: Graduate School of Humanities Göttingen (GSGG), Friedländer Weg 2
Languages: DGS, International Sign and English
Flyer: You can find the flyer of the reading tour here.

anna_webAnna Folchi is a Deaf woman. She has been a teacher and a trainer in the domain of Italian Sign Language (LIS). She is a researcher and an author in Deaf history, culture and language. She is a cultural activist, and offers seminars on various topics. She organizes a group of Deaf women engaged in improving women's quality of life.

sara_webSara Trovato presently works in the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris, in Università Bicocca Milano, and in Università Statale Milano. She has a PhD and has been active in research in Deaf Studies for a long time. She is an expert in language teaching and has worked in various universities and in teacher training. She is the author of Italian books for foreign students, Deaf students, teachers, and hearing students who want to learn Italian Sign Language (LIS).