Research interests:

As a research associate, I am studying the effects of global warming and extreme weather events on crops and possible adaptation strategies.

Research foci and activities:

  • Extreme weather events and their impact on crops
  • Modeling yield changes for cropping systems in current and future climates
  • Impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to global climate change
  • Science Communication


  • M.SIA.P29: Impact of climate extremes on plant production systems around the globe


Meyer zu Drewer, J., Köster, M. , Abdulai, I., Rötter, R. P., Hagemann, N., & Schmidt, H. P. (2022). Impact of Different Methods of Root-Zone Application of Biochar-Based Fertilizers on Young Cocoa Plants: Insights from a Pot-Trial. Horticulturae, 8(4), 328.