PD Dr. Andreas Blümel

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Institut für Germanistische Linguistik

  • 10/2022-2/2023 visiting scholar, Institute of Cultural & Linguistic Studies, Keio University, Tokyo
  • 4/2015-now wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (=lecturer/researcher), German Department, Göttingen University
  • 12/2013-2/2015 Universitätsassistent (=lecturer/researcher), English Department, Graz University
  • 4/2011-10/2013 Research Assistant in the DFG-funded project Syntaktische Dislozierung, Frankfurt University
  • 12/2008-3/2011 PhD scholarship in the DFG-funded Graduate Program Satzarten: Variation und Interpretation, Frankfurt University

  • Syntax (verschiedener Phänomenbereiche, vorwiegend des Deutschen)
  • Theorie der Syntax/Architektur der Grammatik
  • Diachrone Syntax und Semantik des Englischen und Deutschen

  • 28.-30.4.2023 Don’t move and delete if you cannot move when you don’t delete (poster), CLS 59, University of Chicago
  • 28.4.2023 Revisiting the Pro-Drop Parameter (poster), GGS, HU Berlin
  • 08.-10.03.2023 The Latin to modern Romance nominal domain: Against Minimal Search-driven change, 45. Jahrestagung der DGfS, Universität Köln

  • To appear “Labeling Theory”, in: Kleanthes Grohmann & Evelina Leivada (eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Minimalism, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • To appear “Labeling Theory and the Nominal Phrase”, Proceedings of WCCFL 40.
  • To appear “When the grammar doesn’t mind which Merge it chooses” (with Nobu Goto and Yushi Sugimoto), Proceedings of WCCFL 39.
  • 2021 “DP, NP, or neither? Contours of an unresolved debate” (with Anke Holler). Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 7(1): 153, pp. 1–25. doi.org/10.16995/ glossa.8326.
  • 2021 “Displaced sentential complements to nouns in German”. Canadian Journal of Linguistics/Revue Canadienne De Linguistique, 66(4), 519-547. doi:10.1017/ cnj.2021.34