Name: Lisa Brünjes
E-mail: lbruenj”€”
Start of PhD project and thesis: June 2014
Presumed end of PhD project and thesis: initially June 2017, meanwhile end of 2023
Working title of PhD thesis: “Faba bean (Vicia faba L.): Genetic enhancement and stabilization of its yield by analysis of pollination and pollinators”.
To increase heterosis in synthetic populations of faba bean, reproductive traits of faba bean are genetically studied in controlled and field conditions employing SNP marker data and phenotypic data. The influence of pollinators on such traits is assessed in field experiments.

PhD thesis committee: Wolfgang Link (; Catrin Westphal (; Antje Schierholt ( )

Financial basis of PD project: PhD scholarship granted by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (AZ 20014/302)
End of financing: October 2017
Budget of the PhD project was acquired by Lisa Brünjes and Wolfgang Link
Currently employed as research assistant in our Division until October 2023