Name: Lisa Brünjes
E-mail: lbruenj”€”
Start of Post-Doc period: December 2023
Presumed end of current Post-Doc period: November 30 2025

Work content (key words):
Development and preparation of a research proposal for DFG (or BMEL, BMBF, GFPi)
• Pulses for vegetarian/vegan human diets
• Winter-faba beans
• Choice of parents for crossing, genomics-based line selection
• Vicine, tannin (white flower, phytate content), trypsin-inhibitors, seed size, even and appealing seed colour
• Protein content, amino acid composition, mineral content
• Grain yield, winter hardiness
• Organic vs. conventional agronomy

Financial basis of Post-Doc contract: 'DNPW budget for doctoral students and postdocs' (formerly: Postdoc Pool)
Budget for current Post-Doc phase was acquired by Wolfgang Link and Antje Schierholt.