Research in the WORKING GROUPS

  • Plant Breeding Methodology
    (Prof. Tim Beissinger)
    Understand how organisms such as Zea mays L. respond to evolutionary forces (natural, artificial selection)
    Achieve an improved understanding of complexities of genotype-phenotype relationships such as interactions and non-additivity

  • Genome Analysis and Application of Markers in Rapeseed and Faba bean
    (PD Dr. Wolfgang Ecke)
    Identification of QTL in substitution lines
    Genome Analysis (Synteny, LD) in Rapeseed and Faba bean
    Identification of QTL via association mapping in Rapeseed and Faba bean

  • Breeding Research in Faba Bean
    (Prof. Wolfgang Link)
    Research on the reproductive peculiarities of faba bean
    Research on frost-tolerance of winter faba bean
    Research on the low-Vicine feature of faba beans
    DNA-marker-based association analysis in winter faba bean
    Breeding method and population structure in case of partial allogamy
    Analysis and use of heterosis in faba bean

  • Breeding Methodology in Maize and Rapeseed
    (Prof. Heiko Becker; retired)