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The University of Göttingen does not tolerate any form of sexual harassment and violence. It protects its staff, students and visitors as best as possible from any form of sexual harassment and violence and penalises violations.

The University of Göttingen should be a safe and violence-free space where everyone can move freely and without fear. If you have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment and violence at the University of Göttingen, you will not be left on your own to deal with this. Everyone at the University of Göttingen who has experienced or observed sexual harassment and violence has the right to report it and to get advice.

The basis for this is in the guidelines (in German) on the prevention of and protection against sexual harassment and violence of Göttingen University, including the University Medical Center Göttingen. See § 8 Beratung in the Richtlinie zur Prävention von und zum Schutz vor sexualisierter Belästigung und Gewalt (which is commonly shortened to Schutz-RL - see link to Guidelines below).