Getting started to teach in higher education (A/B)

This workshop is specifically for teaching newcomers and has been organised in cooperation with the Göttingen Graduate Center for Neurosciences, Biophysics, and Molecular Biosciences (GGNB)

Dates and work units: 12 WU

  • Thu, 11.04.2024, 9:00-13.00 o'clock (4,5 WU)
  • self-paced learning between both workshop days (3 WU)
  • Thu, 18.04.2024, 9:00-13.00 o'clock (4,5 WU)

Please register until Thu, 28.03.2024.
Later registrations may not be taken into account.

This small workshop-series provides a ‘hands-on’ basic training for beginners in teaching in the higher education context OR beginners in teaching in Germany. We will cover topics such as:

  • Student-centered teaching & active learning
  • Your role as teacher / instructor / lecturer at university & your teaching philosophy
  • Course & session design (first steps)

There will also be a time slot for your questions and challenges in the online-, blended- or traditional classroom.
This workshop will be very interactive and you will experience different teaching and learning activities. Therefore, your active participation during the whole time is essential.

Learning objectives:
Participants ...

  • are able to describe some of the factors that influence the success of teaching and learning in higher education;
  • have started on designing their own courses or sessions;
  • have reflected their role as educators and have started to develop their own teaching philosophy;
  • are ready to / have started to apply some of the experienced and discussed methods and tools to their own teaching.

Online: you will receive information on the meeting details before the workshop.

Methods and appraoches:
Cooperative learning, experiential learning, discussions, input, learner-presentations

Course language: English

Katharina Bonyhádi is a freelance trainer, facilitator, guide and developer in the context of teaching and learning in higher education. She supports instructors, educators and organisations on topics such as teaching and learning in higher education, instructional design, development of qualification programmes etc.. Her special interests at the moment are teaching in an international context, education for sustainable development and experiential learning.