CareStu? Balance of studies and care

The research project aims to examine the stresses and needs of students with care responsibilities as well as to analyze the effects of care responsibilities on their studies and their individual physical and psychological well-being. Based on the results of the study, demand-oriented measures are to be developed to improve the compatibility of studies and care responsibilities at the University of Göttingen.

Progression of the project

CareStu? Qualitative interviews

As part of the project, qualitative interviews are currently conducted. Your willingness and openness are greatly appreciated!

CareStu? Online Survey

The quantitative survey of the CareStu?-project ran from 11 July to 20 September. All students were able to participate. 3.418 students completed the extensive online survey. Your participation is greatly appreciated by the Family Service!

First insights

Initial figures
5% of the participants stated to take on care responsibilities for adult relatives. Likewise, 5% of the participants take care of children. 1% of the respondents take on care responsibilities for at least one care-dependent person and child(ren). Another 4% held care responsibilities in the past.
Repeatedly stated needs:
Many students who take on care responsibilities do not know other students with similar challenges. They would like to be able to connect and exchange with others in a similar situation.
First offers, following the initial insights:

  • Online meeting CareStu as an opportunity for exchange and to get to know each other: All students with care responsibilities are welcome to join. Date: Wed. 6.12.2023 at 7 p.m. Onlinemeetinglink
  • E-mail distribution list for students with care responsibilities: The distributor is maintained by the Family Service and informs about events, offers, and network meetings. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to

The evaluation of the results will require some time. The Family Service will inform you in due course about the results and recommendations for action that can be derived from those findings. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Further information about CareStu?

Following the BAWIP project, which examined the compatibility of science and care responsibilities, the follow-up study focuses on the stresses and needs of students who take on care responsibilities for relatives.
The project is funded by the Professorinenprogramm (female professors programme) and was externally allocated to Prof. Dr. Inken Lind from the TH Köln. Further information can be found on the project page.