Curriculum vitae

Gaelle is PhD student and research assistant in the socio-ecological interactions in agricultural systems working group at University of Göttingen since December 2023. She holds her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biology systems and Ecology with a focus on Terrestrial Landscapes and ecosystems Management at University of Burundi. In her thesis, she worked on the local communities’ knowledge and perceptions of Ecosystem services provided by one of the protected areas in Burundi. She has been working as a Research associate and Junior Lecturer at University of Burundi since January 2021. She also gained some international research visit in the South-North exchanges shape scientific careers in Italy and Belgium.


Her research interests, at the interphase between natural and social sciences, include participatory approaches to natures’ sociocultural valuation. During her doctoral studies, she will investigate local people’s Nature Contribution to People-related Values, Rules and Knowledge in restored landscapes in Rwanda.


Publications and further information on ResearchGate or on Google Scholar.