Chair for social-ecological interactions in agricultural systems

Welcome to our chair for "Social-Ecological Interactions in Agricultural Systems" at the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

According to our understanding, we cannot consider the threats to our ecosystem and the challenges towards sustainability without considering the society. Therefore, we see agricultural landscapes as social-ecological systems in which there are numerous interactions between natural and social processes and in which nature and society have shaped each other.

The interactions between these two main dimensions in agricultural landscapes are influenced by various cultural, social-economic and environmental factors. In order to deal with this complexity, we use innovative, holistic and interdisciplinary approaches and integrate methods from different disciplines: natural sciences, social sciences and economics.


10.10.2019 This winter semester we are offering the following courses:

Recent Publications

  • New Book "Landscape Stewardship" Improving the dynamic relationship between nature and human well-being is a pressing issue of our time. Landscapes embody this tight interconnectedness and serve as unique sustainability learning hubs...
  • Cross-site analysis of perceived ecosystem service benefits in multifunctional landscapes published in May 2019 in 'Global Environmental Change'
  • Rewilding complex ecosystems published in April 2019 in 'Science'
  • Designing spatiotemporal multifunctional landscapes... published in March 2019 in 'Journal of Land Use Science'

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