Sections of the CIDAS

Structure and Role of Sections in CIDAS

Within CIDAS, sections form a topic- and subject-specific substructure for the coordination of teaching, research, infrastructures, and services. Each section has its own independent governance, can manage its own resources, and set its own rules regarding participation, funding, and leadership. Sections, represented by spokespersons, must justify their activities to the CIDAS board and publish their results under the CIDAS affiliation.

The establishment of a section requires a proposal to the CIDAS board, which outlines the area of focus and the supporting members. Sections have a duration of 5 years, after which an extension must be requested, and they manage their own funds, although they do not receive automatic funding.

Medical Data Science

The Medical Data Science section of CIDAS brings together interdisciplinary expertise from medical informatics, biostatistics, bioinformatics, and epidemiology to promote and coordinate the research and application of data sciences in medicine.

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Humanities, Cultural, and Social Sciences

The mission of this section is the capture, contextualization, and analysis of complex and heterogeneous humanities data sets, which have not yet been fully and comprehensively processed using established methods and intelligence-based methods.

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Applied Statistics

The Applied Statistics section at CIDAS focuses on the application of statistical methods and models for analyzing and interpreting data to support scientific findings in various research areas.

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