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AI in Research & Teaching

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) also offers new opportunities and perspectives for research. At the same time, it presents challenges in research and teaching, e.g. with regard to the process of producing scientific knowledge, the examination system and the practice of publishing academic papers. The university aims to promote a reflected and responsible use of AI systems, such as ChatGPT, in research and teaching.

On this page you will find a compilation of tools and recommendations to help you familiarise yourself with the use of AI systems in academic work and find guidance. Currently, the use of AI tools in teaching and research is primarily regulated by the requirements of academic institutions, funding bodies and publication organs. The demand for transparency regarding the use of AI tools is emerging as a central requirement that links the various statements. For example, the 2023 revised version of The European Code for Research Integrity (2023) lists the concealment of the use of AI for the creation of scientific content or the drafting of publications as a violation of scientific integrity.