The chair of Ecology and Ecosystems Research offers lectures, practical courses/tutorials, seminars, and field excursions in the whole range of plant ecological disciplines (ecophysiology, population biology, vegetation ecology, and ecosystems research). The courses are embedded in the modul catalogue for students in the programs Bachelor of Science ("Biologie", "Biologische Diversität und Ökologie", "2-Fach-Bachelor Fach Biologie"), Master of Science ("Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution"), Ph.D. "Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution", as well as for students in minors of Botany/Ecology for students in Geography and Agricultural Sciences.

Final Bachelor and Master thesis topics

The research foci of the group cover a wide range of ecological areas. An overview is presented on our research pages. Generally, we offer topics for final bachelor and master theses of the respective study programs in all presented research areas and beyond those. More specific information can be obtained in a informal talk after pre-consultation either with Dr. Dietrich Hertel (dhertel at, Tel. 0551-39-5708) or Prof. Dr. Christoph Leuschner (cleusch at, Tel. 0551-39-5718).


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