IDIAL - Regionalised teaching materials and intercultural dialogue


The focus of the planned research in this project is the development of innovative teaching material with which to impart the competences in language and culture required for communication between Germany and Eastern Europe: German for speakers of Slavic languages (here: Bulgarian, Polish and Slovak) and Slavic languages (here: Bulgarian, Polish Slovak and Russian) for German-speaking students. New to this conception is the differentiated intercultural and regionalised approach, which takes into account the respective teaching and learning traditions and deliberately places the comparison of original and target culture at the centre of learning a language. In addition, as part of the project, needs-oriented Internet-supported further education and advanced training courses for teachers will be developed in the areas "language, technical and professional competence", "methods competence" and above all "intercultural competence".

Altogether 10 higher education and other institutions are participating in the project, from Germany and three Eastern European countries, Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria: the German Studies Professorships in Veliko Tarnovo (BG), Zielona Gorá (PL) and Trnava (SK); the Slavic Languages Professorships in Goettingen, Krakau (PL) and Trnava (SK); together with the Centre for Methodology and Didactics in Bratislava (SK), the publishing company "Lettera" (BG) and the International Association of German Language Teachers (IDV).

Project management:
Prof. Dr. Casper-Hehne

Persons involved in the project:
Annegret Middeke
Anastasiya Semyonova
Larisa Klyuschkina

Begin: 01.01.2008 - 31.12.2009

Funding institutions: European Union

Project volume: ca. 670.000 Euro
Project funding of the EU: 499.993 Euro