Gast im Seminar für Altes Testament

Dr. Mika Pajunen from the University of Helsinki, Finland, will spend 6 months at the Faculty of Theology courtesy of a research grant from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. In cooperation with Professor Reinhard Müller (Department of Old Testament Studies) Dr. Pajunen’s research project “Textual Plurality in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Moving beyond ‘Non-Aligned’ studies the place of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the textual history of the Hebrew Bible by analyzing the material features of manuscripts, their scribal practices, and textual variants. It focuses on manuscripts often placed in the category “non-aligned” and especially on collections of compositions, like Psalms and Minor Prophets. The project aims at clarifying the early transmission of these compilations and offering a more accurate and descriptive way for their categorization.

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