DLZ (Service Centre)

The service centre (DLZ - Dienstleistungszentrum) of the Faculty of Chemistry handles accounting issues and provides consultation for faculty members in terms of job assignments or work travel and it coordinates the asset management and inventory in collaboration with the Department of Finances of the university administration. If you are unsure, please always consult with a DLZ member BEFORE an acquisition or travel!

Important sources of information concerning acquisitions, invoicing and work travel can be found under the following links (some are only available in the employee portal for university members):

Info portal central acquisition

Financing regulations

Work travel

Your contact partners in the DLZ Chemistry are:

Frau Marion Diegmann, DLZ-Leiterin (0551/39-33102)

Frau Constanze Klawikowski (0551/39-23468 (OC); 0551/39-33103 (DLZ))

DLZ commissioner of the faculty:

Dr. Markus Hold (0551/39-33101)