Scope of the X-Temp 2 System

With the X-Temp 2 system a device and method have been realized to handle crystalline samples of any kind under the microscope within a wide low-temperature range, and to mount the selected crystals on the tip of a glass fiber applying the oil-drop mounting technique.

This method of crystal preparation guaranties an unbroken 'cooling-chain' from the removal of the samples from the crystallization vessel to the positioning of the crystals on the diffractometer.

Hence, a continuous low-temperature handling of materials from the synthesis to the data collection is accomplished, even facilitating the isolation and structural characterization of reaction intermediates. During transfer of the crystal from the microscope to the diffractometer (which constitutes the most critical step) the sample can also be embedded continuously in a cold gas-stream, which allows working without haste yet prevents the solid from melting or decomposing.

At the same time, this method is so easy to apply that the unexperienced user as well can learn to safely handle temperature sensitive compounds within a remarkably short period of time due to the implementation of conventional room temperature techniques.

X-Temp Sketch