In publica commoda

The Public Relations Team

Management and Administration
Thomas Richter (ÖA) Thomas Richter
Head of Department; public relations strategy and consulting, media relations for university strategy and management, strategic marketing, press spokesperson

Phone +49 551 39-24341
Fax + 49 551 39-4251
Karin Schlote
Administrative Office Manager; secretary responsible for clerical administration, cost centre management, contact management, HR, business cards, calendar of events

Phone +49 551 39-24342
besette Anne Marie Bessette
Coordinator of Alumni Development Strategy

Phone +49 551 39-26227
Marco Lange Marco Lange
Sustainability Coordinator, U4-Netzwerk Coordinator

Phone +49 551 39-21356

Press Office
Romas Bielke
Section Head, Press Office, press spokesperson; coordinator of day-by-day media relations, internal communication

Phone +49 551 39- 26221
Heike Ernestus
Editor-in-chief of the University Magazine, day-by-day media relations, communicating University Strategy activities, internal communications

Phone +49 551 39-26222
tiedemann Andrea Tiedemann
Day-by-day media relations, internal communications, expert database, photo database

Phone +49 551 39-27827
Gabriele Bartolomaeus
Media relations for study and academic affairs, student marketing

Phone +49 551 39-24935
Dr. Katrin Pietzner
Communications and day-by-day media relations for museums and collections, film and video projects

Phone +49 551 39-29214
Sollich_Melissa Melissa Sollich
International Communication and Coordinator Post-Doc-Network

Tel. 0551 39-26228
Julian Schima Julian Schima
Press reviews and clippings

Phone + 49 551 39-27827
hartmann Meike Hartmann
Press reviews and clippings

Phone + 49 551 39-13535

Lange Regina Lange
Head of Marketing; corporate publishing, corporate design, marketing co-ordination

Phone +49 551 39- 26220
Benjamin Bühring
Marketing co-ordination, public events

Phone +49 551 39-23794
sclabrino Giannina Scalabrino
Marketing co-ordination

Tel. 0551 39-26230
Christina Voss Christine Voss
Marketing Göttingen Campus

Phone +49 551 39-21838
Witzel_low_res Dr. Frank Witzel
Content management, centralised web presence management, advisory and training

Phone +49 551 39-26226
Andreas Riechel
Student marketing, web presence development

Phone +49 551 39-26224
Malte_Petersen01 Malte Petersen
Student Assistant

Tel. 0551 39-26225
blumenthal_kara Kara Blumenthal
Student Assistant

Tel. 0551 39-26225

Event Management
Karin Anderson
Section Head; event management for the Presidential Board, advising decentralized institutes, merchandising

Phone +49 551 39-25746
Drescher Nicole Kunsch
Secretary (z. Zt. Elternzeit)
Weisser Deborah Deborah Weißer
Secretariat Event Management & Room Reservations

Tel. 0551 39-25381
Silke Böger Silke Böger
Coordination for the University's "Old Dining Facility" conference and event house

Phone +49 551 39-24763
Nadine Minor Nadine Minor
Coordination of conference and event centre Alte Mensa,
Instructor for the trade of Event Management Assistant
Phone +49 551 39-24733
platzhalter 100x100 N. N.
Event management assistant & Image Products

Phone +49 551 39-24733
Vanessa Schimke Vanessa Schimke
Apprentice as an event manager
Phone +49 551 39 –21799
Marcel Trafoier Marcel Trafoier
Apprentice as an event manager
Phone +49 551 39–21798