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Sports (M.Ed.)

Course description

The Master of Education degree programme for teaching at secondary schools places special emphasis on the theories, methods and projects of empirical teaching and school research. In the development of specialised and didactic competencies (50 credits) in the sub-subject of sports/sports science, the knowledge students have gained will be intensified and expanded in three of the four subdisciplines of sports science. As a rule, students will already have acquired basic knowledge in the subdisciplines in a Bachelor's degree programme. The four disciplines are: Sport and education, society, health, training and exercise. Furthermore, the application of scientific methods and knowledge in physical education is comprehensively taught in specialised didactics courses. Here, the design and conduct of experiments for school lessons play a special role.

Combination options

Sports as a subject in the Master of Education degree programme should be combined with one of the following subjects: German, English, French, Latin, mathematics or Spanish.

Language recommendation

A solid knowledge of English is strongly recommended

Professional fields

Students who have earned their credentials in this degree programme are entitled to enter the preparatory service for teaching in secondary schools.