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Greek (M.Ed.)

Course description

The subject 'Greek' includes the ancient Greek language and literature, as well as their reception from the point of view of literary and cultural studies and issues. The course provides in-depth, didactic professional training in Greek: On the one hand, literary and cultural studies, and on the other hand, linguistic didactic training in literature and culture, in preparation for a teaching position at a secondary school (high school, comprehensive school). The objective of the master's degree in Greek Philology leading to the degree "Master of Education" (M.Ed.) is the academic qualification for practice of the teaching profession as a Greek teacher at secondary schools.

Course Structure

The specialized course accounts for a total of 29 credits, which are to be obtained by attending the following specialized and didactically oriented modules:

  • M.Gri.11: Greek literature (8 C)
  • M.Gri.12: Greek Language (6 C)
  • M.Gri.13: "Advanced module - didactic Greek" (7 C)
  • M.Gri.14: "Practical use of Greek" (8 C) and / or M.Gri.15: "Greek Research Practice" (8 C)

Research foci

In addition to classical Latin and Greek literature, the Göttingen Department of Classical Philology places a special research emphasis in the area of the imperial and ancient literature and didactics of classical languages.

Language requirements before the start of studies

Examinations in Latin / Greek

Professional fields

Teaching position at secondary schools (Subject: Greek)