"Molecular genetics and microbial cell biology" (12 C, 14 SWS) [M.Bio.102]

Learning outcome, core skills: Advanced knowledge of molecular genetics and microbial cell biology through case studies of model systems of molecular mycology (yeasts and filamentous fungi). Acquisation of knowledge up to the "Review" level in one topic.
Methods course: Research and project orientated acquisition of biomolecular, genetic, biochemical and cell biological techniques in the involved departments in small groups.

Examination requirements: detailed knowledge in cell biology, biochemistry and genetics of eucaryotic microorgansims deepened knowledge of molecular biological, genetic and biochemical techniques to analyze eucaryotes detailed anaylsis and report of experiments ability to reflect and present scientific paper

Courses and examinations:
1. Lecture: »Molecular genetics and microbial cell biology« (3 WLH)
2. Seminar:»Molecular genetics and microbial cell biology« (1 WLH)
3. Methods course: »Genetics/Cell biology A« (10 WLH)

Examination: Written examination (120min, 80% of grade), oral presentation within seminar (15min, 10% of grade) and protocol (10 pages, 10% of grade)
Prerequisite for examination: regular attendance in seminar and methods course, protocol

Selection options

Admission requirements
Can´t be combined with M.Bio.142.

Recommended previous knowledge

  • Watson, Molecular Biology of the Gene, Pearson, 7th Edition;
  • Alberts, Molecular Biology of the Cell, Garland, 5th Edition

Number of repeat examinations permitted

Course frequency
each winter semester

1 semester


360 h (196/164 h, Attendance time/Self-study time)

Person responsible for module
Prof. Dr. G. Braus