Academic Writing partnerships – German-international

How does the writing partnership works?

The writing partners have to join the short Workshop "Akademische Schreibpartnerschaften deutsch-international" from the international Writing Center (2 SWS). In this workshop, which take place 5 Mondays in the beginning of every semester, here is the discussion of several themes in the academic writing in German, and their comparison with different writing traditions.

The writing partners exchange ideas during the semester on their academic experience with writing and receive text-feedbacks from the advisors in the writing center the writing products are collected in an ePortfolio

How is the evaluation of the Writing Partnerships?

For the participants in the workshop and the production of the ePortfolios there are 4 ECTS-Points in the Schlüsselkompetenzen. International Students are graded (in %, according to the German or North-American grade system). In the InDiGU Program the participation or advisory of a writing partner is valid as the practical part of the certificate (15 IP per year).

Writing peer tutor

Are you interested in working as co-tutor for academic writing partnerships? If you are already an experienced writing partner you can opt to train yourself to be a writing peer tutor and then become a co-supervisor for writing partnerships yourself.

Please contact the International Writing Lab for additional information.


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