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The tasks of the accounting-division include financial accounting, asset accounting, managing the service centre (DLZ) as well as monetary transactions and liquidity management.

The central service centre is responsible for managing the cases of institutes not handling their own accounting. The staff at the centre collects bills, counts and posts the expenses correctly.

The subdivision for monetary transactions/liquidity management deals with all cash and noncash payments, liquidity planning and asset management service. At the same time the central cash desk guarantees a constant supply of notes and coins.

Assets which the university uses over a long period of time are inventoried by asset accouting. The different goods are classified according to their type and their individual useful economic life is assessed. With regard to their useful economic life the amortization is calculated and accounted every month. At the end of the year the stock of inventory is balanced with the financial statement. The assets are displayed in asset analysis.

Financial accounting comprises the master data of accounts payable and debtors. This is the basis for the recognition and payment of bills. Every year, on December 31, the annual statement is compiled. It includes the financial statement, profit and loss statement as well as loss notes and financial report. In the final financial statement assets are contrasted to accounts payable. The resulting net total signifies profit or loss respectively. Notes and financial report contain further information about financial statement and P/L statements.