Advanced module II: "Biochemistry and biophysics" (12 C, 20 WLH) [M.Bio.127]

Learning outcome/Core skills: Students prove their ability to perform specific biochemical, biophysical and biomolecular techniques independently and their ability to record, interpret and present their experimental results in written form.
Acquisation of profound knowledge about current biochemical problems. Handling of state of the art equipment, critical dealing with current biochemical topics, detailed analysis of experiments and their presentation. Independent acquisation of professional knowledge from publications.

Examination requirements

  • detailled knowledge of chromatographic, biophysical, biochemical and analytical methods
  • ability to utilize these methods in order to answer scientific questions
  • knowledge about the research topics in the department

Lab course, 7 weeks (20 WLH)

Examination: oral examination (ca. 30 minutes)
Prerequisite for examination: testified protocol in form of a scientific presentation ("paper", ca. 15 pages)

Selection options

Admission requirements
Core module M.Bio.107 "Biochemistry and Biophysics"

Recommended previous knowledge

Number of repeat examinations permitted

Course frequency
each semester

One semester


Maximum number of students

360 h (280/80 h, Attendance time/Self-study time)

Person responsible for module
Prof. Dr. Ivo Feußner
Prof. Dr. Claudia Steinem