Dr. Andreas Kronz

Position: Head of the EPMA Laboratory

Area of expertise: standardization and reference materials for in situ analytical techniques, geospeedometry, climate archives, archaeometry: glass & archaeometallurgy

Research Interests


since 01/1998: Scientific assistant and head of the EPMA Laboratory at the Geoscience Center, University of Göttingen, DE
02/1992 – 05/1997: PhD studies at the University of Mainz, DE

PhD thesis:

10/1997 – 06/2003: Diploma studies in Earth Sciences at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, DE

Diploma thesis:

Student education

My teaching at the Georg-August-University includes:

B.Geo.202, LV 2: Mikrosonde und Elektronenmikroskopie
B.Geo.210: Bachelor-Projekt


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