Department of Mineralogy


The department is dedicated to study mineral and phase processes in composite materials at a range of pressure and temperature conditions realized on Earth and other planets. Projects in our group work cover fundamental research on igneous and metamorphic processes as well as technical/industrial applications governing processes in material sciences (glass, ceramics, concrete, etc.) and applied geological settings (geothermal energy, nuclear waste deposits, etc.). In our group we follow a multidisciplinary approach spanning experimental work, numerical modelling, high end analytical tools, and state-of-the-art correlative (electron)microscopy. Broadly speaking, our research can be assigned to two general topics with a different focus. Feel free to explore our research and individual projects here:

As part of the “Geowissenschaftliche Zentrum Göttingen / Geoscience Center Göttingen” (GZG), we maintain a diverse network of collaborations within the institute, the University and at national and international level. Our members are involved in international research collaborations, organize and contribute to international workshops, convene thematic sessions at international conferences, and participate in panels and committees responsible for shaping future research.