Anjaharinony Andry Ny Aina Rakotomalala

I am interested in biodiversity conservation, entomology and epidemiology. In the past, I worked in malaria research (Madagascar Health and Environmental Research), behavioral lemur studies, and edible insects survey across Madagascar. My strong expertise is ant identification, which I have acquired during a 5-year collaboration with Madagascar Biodiversity Center in Antananarivo, Madagascar.
In my PhD research, I am investigating the changes of ant communities across a land-use gradient from old-growth forests, remnant forest fragments, vanilla agroforests, fallows, to rice paddies in north-eastern Madagascar.
My research is part of the transdisciplinary project “Diversity Turn in Land Use Science” investigating the importance of social diversity for sustainable land use innovations using the example of vanilla farming in Madagascar. In addition, I am a scholar of the DAAD partnership program “Transnational exchange in land-use and biodiversity research in Madagascar” which allows me to work in Göttingen and exchange closely with the Agroecology group at the University of Göttingen.