The agroecology in press - 2023

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Press release: Strengthening ecology and conservation in the Global South
International research team emphasises importance of diversity, equity and inclusion
Press release University of Göttingen No. 26 | 10.02.2023
The tropics hold most of the planet’s biodiversity. In order to preserve this fragile and valuable asset, many individuals and communities need to get involved and be well informed. However, tropical ecology and conservation sciences are still often affected by colonialistic and discriminatory practices, which can hamper nature conservation success. ...continue reading

Press release: Local cacao varieties promise high biodiversity and fine flavours
Agroecologists from Göttingen University study their socio-ecological importance in South America
Press release University of Göttingen No. 16 | 01.02.2023
In the western Amazon region, cacao has been cultivated since prehistoric times and the area is a valuable resource for genetic diversity of cacao plants. There is growing interest here in switching cultivation from high-yielding but mostly low-quality cacao to indigenous cacao varieties that produce chocolate with particularly fine flavours. ...continue reading