Academic interests

  • Bird population dynamics
  • Citizen science projects
  • Bird song studies

Geographical focus

  • Northern Eurasia

Former projects

Most important publications

  • Preobrazhenskaya E., Morkovin A., 2020. PARUS program: wintering land bird monitoring in European Russia. — Bird Census News. V. 33. P. 3–13.
  • Morkovin A.A., Kalyakin M.V., Voltzit O.V., 2017. First steps of a common birds monitoring scheme in the Moscow region, Russia. — Vogelwelt. V. 137. P. 89–98.
  • Bourski O.V., Demidova E.Yu., Morkovin A.A., 2015. Population Dynamics of Thrushes and Seasonal Resource Partition. — Biology Bulletin Reviews. V. 5. No. 3. P. 220–232